I'm really feeling it!

Hello again, TAYV Movie Night Peeps!

December is nearing an end and I would like to thank everyone who participated in Movie Nights for all that Holiday Cheer. Now that all of the cheer has ended, it's time to face January. It's a whole month for new beginnings, remaining the same, and winter (or palm trees - you know! wherever you are!).


I would like to keep the format going if I could and ask that we nominate four movies or three, depending on whether or not you guys would like to meet up this Thursday. That said, please pick four movies if you can and go around voicing your approval of your fellow TAYters' picks - recommending their posts count towards the final total as well.

What's the theme, you ask? We still have Bill and Ted watch as per a suggestion one day by many. The Swan has also recommended an Anime/Animated month. It's not strictly Japanese animation either. What say you, TAY?

Do we need to animate ourselves in this upcoming January? Hey! Bill and Ted once got the animated treatment too! Or are we trying to forget that... was I dreaming those shenanigans?

Perhaps you would like to nominate animated TV shows as well and we pick episodes to watch. It's all good.


Toss your suggestions in the comments below for The Janimuary TAYV Movie Nights Edition. Um. I'm still working on that name.

To help you sort out your feelings, the fantastic Spacegar mocked up a picture in honour of the last movie night we held. It's super amazing. Thank you, Gar!

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