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TAYV Movie Night: The Winner... (Updated for Feedback from Our EU/UK Friends!)

Well TAYV Movie Night Folks, I tallied up the votes and my Monkey Math reveals that ya'll wanted a movie with a certain bacon flavouring. The Winner is:



Special note: GBD - Surfer Nazis was not a choice! TB - The Lion King was not a choice!

So hop over that rock and join me next week Thursday, August 1st at 9 p.m. EST* for everything Bacon and Monsters. If anyone wants to eat bacon while we watch this together, that's cool too! In fact, I'd say make enough for all of us.


Like last time, we'll be using an AIM chat room. What? AIM still exists? Yeah, it does, alright? I can't get over it either. Just go to www.aim.com to sign up and create your username.

Find me at Zarnyx Uriel

Since sometimes people have problems trying to find me under AIM or it says I'm offline, if people wanted to start throwing out their AIM user names in the comments so we can keep track of each other, that'd be great.


*If 9 p.m. works for the majority, we'll keep the time. If a tad earlier would work, then let me know.

Not wanting to leave our Pondlings out of the fun, The Swan and I are kicking around the idea of having a second viewing/chat set for Saturday, August 3rd at 5 p.m. EST. This way too, if anyone missed the joy for the Thursday night Session (or just really wanted to get more bacon in), you could always attend the Saturday one. Let me know, Pondlings and others. Time Zones! They're evil but we'll conquer them! Maybe...

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