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TAYV Movie Night: Winner!

Huh, what? Winner? Already? I did not even throw out a "Suggestions" post yet or a "Nominations" post yet? Yeah well, there'll be no need for that until after the next two movie nights. Why? Due to the fact that you guys were so keen on Miami Connection and Attack the Block, why not just go with these two? And so, Thursday September 5th at 9 p.m. EDT in the AIM chat room, we shall gather together to discuss the ridiculousness that is...

...Miami Connection (1987).

The synth rock band Dragon Sound, consisting of five University of Central Florida students, embarks on a crime-crushing campaign for justice on the streets of Orlando against groups of cocaine smugglers and ninjas.


Availability: for streaming on Netflix in the US.

With the introduction of Cooking Nights by the great Furby, Aikage, I figured September 5th would give us enough time to sort out what sort of related recipes we want to try and have the upcoming weekend for grocery shopping and whatever else.

Then I figured that on September 12th, we could then have Attack the Block for TAYV Movie Night.


Any suggestions and concerns are always welcome.

Hope to see you all there. I will be sure to blip reminders before September 5th.


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