I'm really feeling it!

LoserMLW here, and yes, Virginia, there is a TAYV Movie Night this week!

*UPDATE* The votes have spoken, but as I will not be present, I have to go with Dishkitty's preference (that whole "happy wife, happy life" thing) so we'll be watching Air Bud 3 (Air Bud: World Pup)

I hope it's sufficiently bad! And filled with football-playing puppies!


As it's World Cup time, I thought we'd delve into soccer movie territory. Here are our choices:

Shaolin Soccer

The Big Green


Air Bud: World Pup


All three are available on Netflix, and there are.. "other" places as well. Shady places I can't discuss here..

Make your pick in the comments below, and we'll decide on the final by 3:00PM EDT today! I can tell you now, Dishkitty is favoring Air Bud: World Cup!

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