I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I've been a bad, bad girl. I have no excuses for the lack of a Nominations post for the next TAYV Movie night. Before I realized it, I looked at the calendar and why...look at that! October is next week! So I've come here today to ask for forgiveness! Please! Mercy! ...? Actually, instead of unsightly pleading, I'm here with a suggestion for the month of October. Hear me out, TAY!

Autumn's here and that means a lot of things. Apple picking, pumpkin pies, jack o' lanterns, Halloween, critters, zombies, axe wielding crazy people, leaves changing the colour of blood...oranges. Uh, what? Anyway, it got me thinking. For Thursday nights in October, why don't we hold Scary Movie Nights? Scary funny movies, bad scary movies, scary scary movies... some light on gore and scares movies so GBD can actually attend one of these...


What I'll need from you my TAYter Tots are a bunch of suggestions for movies you'd like to see. I won't hold this every week to nominate the next movie but instead, just give me suggestions and once we get to the nomination stage, you guys get to nominate 4 movies of your choice. I see that there are actually 5 Thursdays in October but since the last is actually Halloween Night and some of us may have ghoulish plans, we can leave that one up in the air.

This also leaves me super excited to see what our Resident Evil Furby, Aikage will host for a themed Cooking with TAY.

So... rambling aside, please start throwing suggestions in the comments. I also have not forgotten the other suggestions from the last movie night post but I'm thinking we'll resume a normal movie night again for those in November. Of course, this is open to debate too, so leave your thoughts in the comments.

What say you, TAY?

Please leave your suggestions for movies or ideas in the comments!

*ScareTAY Cats has been trademarked by Aikage. Good one, Aikage.

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