I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Can't sleep? "Working" hard on a project? Utterly bored and with nowhere to go? RELAX RANDOM CITIZEN. THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT IS HERE FOR YOU. This is Kotaku's community run late night forum post, and everyone's invited! Be sure to check out TAY Classic while you're at it!

So, I was talking to Nach about food yesterday (Typical Nach, amirite?), and the topic of Asian supermarkets and their quirky products came up. Having remembered that it's been roughly a year or two since I last stopped by a local Japanese market, I decided perhaps it wouldn't hurt to see how things are. It's still there. It's still small, cute and quirky. And they still sell their ✩*Glorious*✩ Spam musubi.


Random TAYter: "Eeeeeeewwwwggghhhhhblrrrhghh, Spam? YHRUCHK! Spam is atrocious. How can you eat that stuff, T?"

Well, easy. It's not that bad, really. Especially on musubi. And well, that's the topic for today. Food. Specifically, food you think is great, regardless of how nasty people say it is. Like . . . red velvet cakes. White chocolate. Raw pig intestines on pistachio ice cream. We all have our quirks. And now we're sharing them. Spam musubi should be canonized. Amen.

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