Since I've kept this going for this long, I figured I'd show off where TAYville has gone since my last post about it. TAYville has, despite hilariously bad setbacks, been my best city so far, as well as the city I test all my experimental ideas on.

Let's go ahead and recap the things that have happened to TAYville since last post:

  • Another Tornado
  • An Influenza Outbreak
  • Several Field Infestations
  • A Population die-off due to mass crop infestation (190 down to 27)

Despite that, the city has bounced back several times, like today. I started off with a terrible labor shortage this morning, to the point where I was crippled much like that time the first tornado hit the town.


I figured, hey, I might as well screw around and try out new food production paradigms. It can't really get any worse.

Up until this point, TAYville's primary source of food was split between fish, crops, orchards, and livestock. Gathering huts were underrepresented, so I decided to shift the entire town over to a mix of gathering and hunting, supplemented by the previous food industry.

Long story short, gathering huts are amazing. TAYville's food production skyrocketed and the population shot from 27 back up to 165 within a few years. On the 50th anniversary of the town's founding, here's what it looked like:


One of many paradigm shifts that I implemented in TAYville early on was shifting the town center across the river, effectively making the market (the colorful thing in the center of the screen), the middle of town. Off to the right is the town chapel.

An aside, markets are very important to the function of a town after a certain point. You can think of them as the center of a spiderweb of resource gathering. The farms and resources are gathered on the fringes, taken to the storage barns and stockpiles, and from there they are gathered at the market for nearby people to use.


From a different angle you get a better idea of the scale and how I haphazardly created the town.


And the bird's eye view of the whole thing.

Well, that's all for this little excursion.


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