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Team Ani-TAY Discussion

Hello Team Ani-TAY, the lovably informal anime fanatics of TAY. I'd like all the writers of Ani-TAY to come and chime in. We'll talk about the future of Ani-TAY and what everyone would like to see done. This is your time to speak up!

It's no secret that Ani-TAY seems to have entered something of a renaissance as of late. How much I had to do with this, I really don't know, but the point stands that we've got new writers and old writers coming together and making what was once a small portion of Talk Amongst Yourselves into one the most vocal and content-filled portions of the whole blog. It's been a fun time to traverse Ani-TAY.


That said, the rise of Ani-TAY has seen its share of growing pains, particularly as of late when we started accidentally tripping on each other! An example was that time where I accidentally upstaged Fruity (and Koda) with my own winter perspectives.

With recent events like the Ani-TAY review assets being released by me, the upcoming Ani-TAY podcast, and the first wave of the winter anime reaching completion, it seems poised to get even bigger. I see a need to push for even more unity among the Ani-TAY community and inspire even more talk about anime.


The question then, is how should we, as Ani-TAY, go about this? I've mused on starting a weekly discussion thread where the authors of Ani-TAY discuss our future plans so everyone gets a heads up on what's going on. It might even help us work out collaborations.

Are there other things we should do as well to encourage more viewership within Ani-TAY? What do you want to see done?


In any case, discuss Ani-TAY!

EDIT: _AFI seems to be the first one to use the Ani-TAY Discussion tag. Hopefully he doesn't mind...


Dexomega is the writer of Anime Marathon 2013/2014 and a consistent contributor to Ani-TAY.

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