I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Yeah, this was from a few days ago, but it’s not often TAY gets to post an article that’s about an anime-centered video game (that ISN’T about the Persona series; ha, gotcha before you could say it, didn’t I?!), so when something like this comes around, you’re damn sure I’ll do a blip about it. Especially when the TAY and AniTAY communities have been seeing some passive-aggressive infighting for... reasons (c’mon, guys).


Anyway, from the makers of The Best version of Dragon Ball Z, and the best game in the Final Fantasy series (and the one everyone hopes gets an actual remake... someday. Before 2019, if we’re really lucky), comes an abridged series that we didn’t knew we needed, UNTIL NOW. Thank god we only have to wait until September 3 (of this year, no less!) for it to drop. Until then, I’m more than okay with binge watching DBZ Abridged... for the fourth time. Or was it the fifth...?

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