I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Team Orphan Meat Strikes Again!

Team Orphan Meat, some of Kotaku's finest co-oppers have joined together to spend three hours playing all the missions from Payday 2. We had an absolute blast, first with McFist—that's him singing Eye of the Tiger in his Deckard Cain voice, by the way—and later with Wizard/Dan after he left. If you didn't get to see the stream, here's the first part of it. It's our first time seriously streaming Payday 2, so we're not the best yet, but we're starting to figure it out.


Anyways, we'd like to play with you. I mean, Team Orphan Meat is basically just a bunch of Kotaku guys, some long-timers like myself, some more new, like General McFist (I'm lying); we are you. We'd like to play more games together. Whatever you want, really. Some of us have Rayman Legends. We'd like to try out Saints Row IV at some point. We've got others, too, like Age of Empires II HD, Monaco, and a bunch of other stuff. If you want to play it, then let's do it, together. Let's stream. Let's play some awesome 80s music. Let's kick ass.

If you want to play, then let's chat, okay? What games do you want to play? Left 4 Dead, maybe? Some co-op game you don't think anyone else has? We'll do competitive stuff too, but the goal here is to be super cool and friendly, playing together, breaking out of our shells, and having a blast.

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