I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

teh gravy yard sitfh; dis is mai editon, tey pls

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hai tey! its me, tut. i r ur host for teh nite, and i lied abot bein ur host bcaus im acculy at consart. im gon be busy hedbanging nd moshgin nd hevin funz wit allegon \m/ c u gais leter, ad hav fun wit gaem nite!

So, how's everyone doing? If you guys are reading this, it's prolly because I'm dead, and could not intercept this post from going up. A murderous duck has been after me for the past month or so, and it seems I may not have been able of evading a horrible fate. But don't worry, I love and trust you guys, even beyond the grave. Which is why I left you specific instructions on avenging my death, and succeeding me as the new masters over my dominion on Hell . . . Hehe, nah, it's all good. I'm just being a bad host/friend and totally ditched you guys for a concert :D

But yea, Dolan. Dolan is cool, right? I mean, memes are pretty hated, but I'll still browse around because, what else is there to do when bored, you know? And, I'd say that out of all the memes, one of the most hated pretty much everywhere, was Dolan. Ah, poor, poor Dolan. So misunderstood . . . Ok, no, it's pretty straightforward. But it was tons of fun for me and my friend. We pretty much fangirl'd when Ovdi-kun made band shirts with Dolan. And really . . . I think it was only just us few that cared for Dolan. So, that's tonight's topic. Anything out there that you really liked that people just flat out hated? . . . That's still totally legal, of course >.>

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