I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Teh Musique Thread

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Because we needed one. How long has it been before the last "normal" music post? Weeks? Anyways, hop in and share a tune!


So, I'm not sure if you've noticed by now, buuuuuut, I'm a bit of a metalhead. . . . Yea, I know. Shocker, huh? But I don't listen to just metal, you know? So, here's what I have to offer today:

First off! Here's House Of Cards, by Foreboding Ether. It's a nice, fast, sweet technical deathcore/metal, because I'm forced to include something like this whenever we talk music.

Done? Ok. Here's Giant Steps, by John Coltrane. And honestly, I'd gladly pay all the money in the world to have an amazing mixture of Metal and Jazz. Wouldn't that be amazing? I mean, they're awfully similar sometimes in composition, so why not? Psycroptic has some jazzy feels to it, since one of the guitarist also plays a lot of jazz. Could you imagine, say, Bemsha Swing being played by The Faceless? Or, have something Spawn Of Possession being played on jazz instruments? I think that'd be cool ^^

And finally, to continue that "random" trend I have, here's a Vocaloid piece ^^ I love the subtle heaviness in it. It's not bad, I guess. I wish more Vocaloid stuff had this degree of composition :I

So here's what I have to offer. What about you?

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