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Tell Me, TAY! How'd You Make Out With the Steam Summer Sale?

Well, it's finally over. The Steam Summer Sale has drawn to a close and - to everyone's surprise - Half-Life 3 was not announced. Curse you, Gaben. A lot of us spent money, and some of us are now more concerned about near-worthless digital trading cards than the welfare of African children. So, I'm curious, Great and Mighty TAY, They Who Control the Spice and the Prime Rib at Golden Corral - what all'd you end up snagging during this sale?

My personal haul:
- FarCry 3: Blood Dragon ($6.74 or something - 55% off)
- Super House of Dead Ninjas ($2.37 - 66% off)
- Tomb Raider II ($0.62 - 94% off)
- Cave Story + ($2.50 - 75% off)
- They Bleed Pixels ($2.50 - 75% off)
- Half-Minute Hero ($2.50 - 75% off)
- Just Cause ($0.27 - 97% off)
- Time Gentleman, Please! and Ben There, Dan That double pack ($0.49 - 90% off)
- Bleed ($4.50 - 10% off [it looked good, don't care if not on sale])

I also bought Shadowrun Returns during the sale, because I'm 99% sure I have a job and I wanted to celebrate, so I bought myself a little something extra. I'll know for sure tomorrow morning. The VP basically begged me to not go to any other interviews after I met with him, so I'm going to meet my immediate bosses tomorrow.

As you may have noticed, I seem to have caught three glitch prices (FarCry, Tomb Raider, Just Cause). So that's awesome. I spent a little over $40 all told, and I love all the games I've tried to far. I've basically lost almost all interest in modern AAA games - these cheaper, simpler indie games strike more fancy than anything that's been announced for PS4 thus far.


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