I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ten More Random Questions *UPDATE*

Well, I can't sleep again. And have nothing better to do, so why not just ask y'all ten more random questions? Sounds good? No? Well too bad!

I- What's more comfortable? Sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, or on a couch?


II- Would you rather glow in the dark, or be able to talk to squirrels?

III- Quick! Pick any random ingredient!

IV- If you could have a drink with anybody in the world, who would it be? And yes, corpsey people count . . . and they'll be alive, of course.


V- Would you rather be caught cheating on your significant other with their best friend, or stealing money from your grandparents?

VI- Pick a color.

VII- Surfing or snowboarding?

VIII- A six year old child accidentally hits you in the head with a baseball. As they leave the park, the wave goodbye at you. Do you wave back or give 'em the finger?


IX- How do you drink your coffee/tea?

X- Would you rather fight a triceratops or a bunch of weasels?

And yes, this means no Mild Monday Mornings tomorrow, since I'll probably be too brain dead to write, and I have nothing too worthy of mention anyway. Not that you guys cared or anything. :P


UPDATE: My answers :P

I- I have a bed, but I actually sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag ^^ It's more comfortable, for some reason.


II- Squirrels seem like interesting people. I bet they have loads of stuff to talk about :P


IV- Joesph Stalin. I bet he's fun to drink with. Runner up would be Andrew Jackson, because again, craziness would ensue.


V- Depends, is the best friend hot?

VI- Gunmetal-grey

VII- Snowboarding. The Sun and I don't mix well :I

VIII- . . . . . . . I've actually flipped off a child before. I mean, just how do you accidentally hit someone with a baseball at like, 12ft away or so????


IX- Tea: With milk and some honey. Coffee: Black

X- Triceratops. I mean, it's a dinosaur. Why not?

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