I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Heh, I keep telling myself "Don't forget to ask TAY ten random questions this weekend", but somehow I either end up forgetting, or running out of randomness. But nevertheless, ten random questions is here to stay!

I- If you were to die right now, and could only donate one of your organs, which would it be and why?


II- Ever wondered what the inside of the moon tastes like?

III- How far can you fling a peanut with your toes?

IV- True or False: Is life a disoriented blur?

V- What are your reasons for driving a motorcycle? Or conversely, for not doing so?


VI- Would you rather be comfortably numb for the rest of your life, or be dead but dreaming?

VII- How many fingers am I holding up?

VIII- You walk along a road leading to a forked road. You can choose to go to the grove, choose to go to the forest or go back out of fear. Which do you choose?


IX- What's the "worst" holiday gift you've gotten?

X- What does the color indigo remind you of?

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