I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ten Random Questions *UPDATE*

Yea, I'm bored again. I'm not home either, and all I have is my iPod, which is what I'm currently writing this with. So, here's ten random questions to pass the time:

I- If you were stranded on a desert island, with nothing/nobody to eat. . . . . would you eat your own foot?


II- What's cooler? A Catamaran, or an Autogyro?

III- Why is the duck when it spins?

IV- So, a random stranger punches you in the face, and gives you $45. Are you cool with that?


V- Is it better to be happy but stupid/ignorant, or wise/knowledgeable and bitter?

VI- Ever notice how I'm using Roman numerals?

VII- If you magically woke up being the opposite gender, but still have recollection of who you are and are totally conscious of the change, would you be hetero or homosexual?


VIII- If you could be any household appliance, what would you be and why?

IX- Cyberpunk or Steampunk?

X- So, to spice up your life, you decide to embrace an addiction of some sort, just for the hell of having a character trait. What would it be? Choose from:

a) Nicotine addiction

b) Eating disorder

c) Pornography addiction

d) Compulsive shopping

c) Adrenaline junkie

That is all, and have a fun Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday night! :D

Edit: Also, I threw in a zero somewhere in there instead of an 'O'. If you find it, you win the internet for today :P



Haha, this was a lot more fun than I expected it to be ^^ Too bad my iPod died last night, and I barely saw the replies this morning :I Well, these are my answers, and I guess I may as well answer whatever concerns anyone had about the questionnaire :D


I- I'd say it depends. Can I cook it? If so, then yes :D (Also, "cooking it will cauterize the wound" or something like that ^^)

II- I've always liked catamarans :D

III- This question is actually a quote from a drunken dude I once ran into when eating at Five Guys . . . . . . yea, I'm not sure what the hell he meant either, but I thought it was cool either way xD


IV- Nope, I'm pretty sure you can get charges for that too.

V- Well, I've always been cynical and jaded, to the point I sometimes get so disgusted with the world just by watching people go about their daily lives :D So I guess I'd go with the first option, just to see what it's like. . assuming I don't remember how I was before, of course :P


VI- I was going to use kanji numbers at first ^^

VII- I'd definitely be a lesbian ^^

VIII- I'm actually surprised nobody said toaster :I I mean, that's the first thing I think of when I hear "household appliances". Besides, they're shiny and small ^^


IX- Cyberpunk, as long as I get to be augmented ^^ And even if not, cyberpunk

X- I'd start smoking, no questions asked. I mean, sure, it kills you, but it's definitely the cooler of the options given, considering it's only for "character traits" only :P


Also, on the last question, I did notice I accidentally left a second 'C', but figured it'd be funnier to leave it. I was going to change it to a number or something else, but thought it was too conspicuous ^^

And there was never a "0" actually ^^ I just said that to mess with y'all :P

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