I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Ten Random Questions: Weekend Edition

Answers! I seek them! Get to it!

1) What's your favorite candy or chocolate?
2) Finish the question: Bro, do you even _____?
3) You have enough money to buy a new album but only one for the next year. What do you buy?
4) What's your favorite joke?
5) Lunch! What are you having?
6) You are now the villain of the last game you played. Who/What are you?
7) You are now Michael Bay. The studios have green lit your next big summer movie blockbuster based on _____.
8) What is the WORST gaming headline news you can think of? Ex: EA buys Atlus, renames company EA Japan.
9) What is the BEST gaming headline news you can think of? Ex: Megaman Legends 3 releasing this Holiday!
10) Is your camera working? Pix or you're lying!

Bonus funnies video:

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