In celebration of the end of Round 2 of TAY Quiz Bowl yesterday, let’s all rejoice and have some trivia.

#1: What network is the TAY IRC channel found on?

#2: What did Hannibal Lecter say French people tasted like?

#3: What food of the three bears did Goldilocks eat?

#4: Prior to being renamed, what was the city of Mumbai known as?

#5: Who wrote “Call of the Wild,”

#6: In The Simpsons, who said: “Parades just bring out so many emotions in me” joy, excitement, looking...”?

#7: How did I make this font turn blue?

#8: What is the top layer of the earth called?

#9: What living creature can live nine days without its head, eventually starving to death?


#10: What did the Romans use their urine for?

#11: Which Disney character’s name means Pine Head in Italian?

#12: Why was Donald Duck banned in Finland?

#13: What is mostly inside a camel’s hump?

#14: Which is larger, England or Florida?

#15: In the USA you dial 911, in Stockholm Sweden you dial?

Bonus: What is the dot over the letter ‘i’ called?

Interested in more trivia? Come watch our Quiz Bowls, you never know, we may need an alternate!