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Discord Widget and link test 2


Test over, thank you for your patronage.

What am I doing?

A couple things.

1. I’m seeing if Discord is suitable for my use for TAY Quiz Bowl

To meet that criteria it had to be more stable than IRC (check), and easier to access than AIM (check). It’s also more readable than AIM as the chat box takes up most of the entire screen vs aim’s 30% screen footprint.


2. I’m seeing if Discord might be a suitable replacement for the IRC

Here I don’t think so solely based on the lack of easy embedding into kinja. I thought that maybe if the widget was a full fledged chat room it’s more stable and has a nicer UI and amazing notification settings compared to IRC but I think it’s too hard to get people to give up the IRC for it at this point. Plus it’s an extra step.

3. What is the point of that widget?

As far as I can tell it only tells who, that is registered, is online. This is pretty pointless for my purposes, but maybe someone can tell me why that’s useful.


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