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Testing Header Images XL (Updated)

Okay so now that the old editor is gone, and replaced with the new kinja format. Old features seem to no longer be possible or restricted. In actuality they are still there, but not where they should be available when composing an article.

Update: Only Admins can recommend media 'images' that are at least 970 x 546 to become large headers.

One being the enlargement of the header images of articles on the TAY page. Before it was based on the image size, that being 975 x 500 or above. That was one update or two ago, and now it just compresses it regardless of size.



So how does it work now? By recommending media or the image. Now, since I am an admin, I'm not sure if authors can recommend their own images. Or for that matter anyone else. If that's the case then that would be asinine. But here's how if you been wondering.

It works only on 970 x 500 or above images, and videos.

Note: These images are large enough to be recommended media, so do me a favor for authors, and non-authors, and check if you can recommend.


Now that's done it should appear large on the main page.


So maybe its to control which articles get promoted, or give readers an option to recommend. Whatever reason, lets test this out since it been on people minds for a while.

Also, it doesn't work for Tayclassic.

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