I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Don’t worry, I’m working on my 4 for February article. Granted, I probably won’t make my goal of finishing all my disc based PS3 games (midterms, guys... they are a BITCH. Although, I have made some good headway on Ni No Kuni!), but I am working through the backlogs on said PS3, and some games I got on my roommate’s PS4 (said roommate is Awesome, btw). Also, the Division Beta isn’t helping matters... god DAMN, Dark Zone is fun.


Anywho, I’ve got another review for my review class, and it’s on something I know io9 likes rather a lot: CW’s The 100. I rather like this article, since I did try this time to trim down my word count, and only say what truly matters about the show. Now if I can just get a share to Observation Deck, if that’s possible (*wink* someone please share this to them, it’s more in their territory *wink*).


If I’m lucky (and my prof is okay with it), I’ll have up my thoughts on season 2 as well.


First thoughts: holy shit, this show just keeps on getting better.

Now if I can just get my CW “who will sleep with who” betting pool together...

Anyway, happy Monday, and a good week to you all!

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