I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Thankful Thursday 6: GraTAYtude!

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What is up everyone, and welcome to yet another Thankful Thursday brought to you by none other than TAY’s very own Future! I hope you are all fighting fit this week! Without further ado, let’s get down to being grateful!


This last week has been pretty chill, and that in itself is something to be grateful for after the last. On September 4th, Paradise Killer dropped and it’s a weird game that I’ve had my eye on since I heard about it at Summer Games Fest.

I didn’t buy it outright, as I was considering getting it on Switch. Kinda glad I didn’t, as it’s a really pretty game and gave my GTX 1080 something to chew on.


Yeah, I know, the 3000 series is upon us and those cards are very impressive, but honestly I hardly put my 1080 through it’s paces these days. I think the fans hardly ever run, should probably do some more intense gaming lest they seize up or something.

I love games like this - many games these days are bent on hyper-realism, or at least giving you a cohesive and believable fantasy world to immerse yourself in. Paradise Killer is straight up weird in a way that reminds me of some of the goofy titles from back in the 90's.


Bigger Picture: Let’s see.. Usually, I say “hurr durr COVID” but that can’t wash every week. I guess it’s related, but the skyline isn’t as murky as usual since a lot of folks are still working from home and pollution is still down, which is nice.

Smaller Picture: I’m gonna go with Paradise Killer which has been a refreshing and fun romp through an unbelievable story with the cool vaporwave aesthetic and soundtrack.


Obvious: Gonna go with my health here, I’ve probably used this one before and yes I’m phoning it in but it’s a good thing to have and be grateful for.

So, over to you TAY. What are you grateful for this week?

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