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That 500 Dollars NES You Always Wanted

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Starting today, you can pre-order from Analogue your aluminum NES, the Analogue Nt. Sadly the price point is as expected slightly above your standard NES clone. For 500 big ones (360 uros, 296£ or 51.000¥ at today's exchange ratings) you will own indeed the finest Famicom ever made, with such luxuries as built in 4 player adapter, region free with slots for both Japanese and US/European cartridges, the highest possible video (HDMI adaptor sold separately) and audio fidelity plus absolute compatibility with every Famicom and NES accessories ever made (including the Famicom Disk System!) achieved because inside there are the exact same components that you would find on your old NES. No emulation is used to run your cartridges on this baby. Here are the full specs:


  • NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System (via expansion port)
  • Region Free
  • Worldwide Compatibility (PSU: 50-60hz, 100-240 volts)


  • HDMI 1080p/720p (requires HDMI Adapter)
  • RGB, Component and S-Video
  • Composite


  • Mono & Stereophonic Sound Effect (adjustable)
  • Famicom Audio Support


  • Analogue Nt
  • AC Adapter
  • AV Cable (composite & s-video)

Special Features

  • Original NES Ports
  • 4 Player Compatibility (switchable between each region)
  • Famicom Expansion Port
  • Everdrive & Powerpak Compatibility
  • Adjustable Color Palette (Classic, Modern & Arcade)
  • Increased Power Delivery for 3rd Party Devices

Impressive stuff. I am still unsure what Nintendo will exactly do about this, but I am sure that there are probably a lot of lawyers on both sides of the line already cracking their knuckles. One way or another, know that Analogue's 500 smackers aluminum box is indeed every Famicom fanatic wildest fantasies turned reality... for a price.

Illustration for article titled That 500 Dollars NES You Always Wanted

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