I'm really feeling it!

It has been SOOOO HOTTTTT in New York City (and many other places) over the last week. It’s finally starting to let up and I barely remember most of the past week. I remember working. I remember lying on my bed in front of the air conditioner a lot. I remember going outside multiple times and saying “oh godddddd whyyyyy WHYYYY”. I do not remember playing a lot of games because I didn’t.

I played a bit, but compared to my normal high level of gaming it was barely existent - I’ve gotten an hour or two of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in (I’m almost done!), I beat the short and awesome Gato Roboto, and I played some Mario Maker levels here and there. That’s mostly all I’ve done the last couple weeks as summer has heated up.


No matter how cold my apartment gets from the AC, there’s always a post-outside hour of cooling off every time I get home where I can’t do anything. If I’m out for a while then after I can barely get out of bed. There’s been many post-work naps in front of the AC.

As things cool off I’m looking forward to playing a little more. The haze of heat infiltrating everywhere makes life kind of depressing. It’s almost been a sort of opposite winter it’s been so hot. Has anyone else experienced similar heat exhaustion and less gaming lately?

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