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Awh, yea. I feel sufficiently energetic to type this out today. I'm not as spazzy as I was on Friday, but I feel like being productive today. So, how was everyone this weekend? It was a pretty slow Fri-Sun huh? Isn't it funny how we all decided to do other stuff on this weekend? Although I doubt it, the weekend holiday may have had something to do with it, which takes us to my first topic of discussion:

-"So, any plans for X Holiday?"

So, this year I was kindly reminded by almost everyone that this Sunday was Mother's Day, and thus had no excuse to miss out on it this year, as I may or may not have in the past. Part of it is because I'm honestly oblivious to special days and all that (hell, I'd forget my own birthday if it weren't for my family calling me to wish me a good one), and part of it because I'm not really the celebratory type. I don't get why we have to dedicate a day to some event, nor celebrate certain achievements, so I'm not the type of guy who wishes someone a "Happy Non-denominational Holiday!". But that's a story for another time. Right now I have two things to talk about:

A) Does anyone else think it's kind of odd that we give the severed extremities which contain the reproductive organs of another living thing to others as a gift? I mean, why would anyone want the mutilated genitals of something as a present? No, don't answer that question.


Oh, and don't forget that we go out of our way to make sure they die a very slow death.

B) Something that I've always hated about the holidays is just how crowded and packed everything is. Honestly, it's around Christmas time that I get these constant thoughts about eugenics and overpopulation, and, for the sake of the world, make sure I never get into a position of power, ever. . . . . But anyways, nothing sucks more than having to wait an hour or more in the waiting list at a restaurant. Which is why my family has always celebrated things a few days earlier or later than the actual holiday date. You should try it sometime. It certainly makes things much more enjoyable.

-"So, anybody want to do a marathon?"

Not that type of marathon!

So, this weekend I spent a good amount of my time playing Ghost Recon Future Solider. The first few missions were fun, and then story sort of became too much for me to enjoy. All I wanted was stealth/tactical combat, not the typical "helicopter rail-shooter" mission, nor the "Squad Vs The World" trope thing that pops up. Alas, I was about to quit the game when I found out about Guerrilla Mode. . . . . and nothing got done that night. So I thought "Wow, I think this is the most I've played a game in a while now. I don't think my P4 marathon went this far, actually". And then I thought "Hmm, with the extra free time I have now that school's getting done, why don't I have a game marathon next weekend?". I'm sorta in the mood for a Resident Evil marathon, so I think that's what I have in mind for next weekend. I'll need to establish rules and guidelines, stock up on cashews, Gatorade and other snacks, and sleep well on the days before said marathon. I want to see if I can finish the whole thing in one go, nonstop. It'll be the most ambitious gaming event I've done in a while, and it seems like a lot of fun. I may even throw in the two CG movies, just to have a short "break". But anyways, what about you guys? Ever done some crazy marathon? How long did you last?




Edit: Shit, I actually forgot to include a song in here xD Fine, I'll show you guys a special band, then :P

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