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thatsmapizza's: Top 10 Songs in Smash for Wii U

As a series, Super Smash Brothers is more well know for its gameplay and its star roster of fighters, but since Super Smash Bros Brawl, its soundtrack has become even more prominent. For example, Smash Bros for Wii U boasts a massive 437 songs total. Seeing as I've just unlocked all of the tracks yesterday and I've been playing the game like a starving man desires food, I want to talk about my top 10 music tracks in the game.

For starters, I'm only going to be picking one piece of music per franchise because if I just did top 10 songs in the game, my list would probably be full of Xenoblade and Kirby music. Secondly, I'm only going to put songs unique to Smash 4 because there are quite a few tracks from Brawl in the game and I want to talk about the new music in the series.


10) Bubblegum K.K., Animal Crossing: New Leaf

This song is so flipping catchy. It's infuriatingly awesome because it gets stuck in my head easily and the song is so cheerful that it puts me in a good mood by listening to it. This song made grinding through all star mode just a little bit brighter by being so cheerful. Though, I have to admit that the song does get kind of lackluster once it changes tone towards the 1 minute mark in the song.

9) Reach for the Stars, Sonic Colors

Like Bubblegum K.K., this song is pretty catchy as well, but it doesn't fall off towards the end. This song is nice and fun and it's incredibly fun to listen to while sending Sonic into the stars.


8) Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, Dillon's Rolling Western: the Last Ranger

This song is extremely atmospheric. It puts you in the mind of the titular character as he rolls through the desert wasteland that he calls home. It feels like the desert has no end, but Dillon has no choices but to keep on rolling. Though this piece of music is a tad repetitive, I just love it because it's just so atmospheric.


7) Jogging/Countdown, Punch Out

This song gets me pumped up for the coming fight. It feels like this song caters to my primal side, which enjoys playing against people with equal or great skill at this game because the song seems to make these fights feel important. It's like every fight with this song playing is some kind of important battle which will determine whether or not someone get 50 bucks for betting on the right fighter. In any case, song is an awesome battle song.


6) Dark Pit's Theme, Kid Icarus Uprising

It's really hard for me to put into words why I like this song. I really like the theme and the use of the guitar in the song, but it's hard for me to quantify why. It might be because the song is catchy, but I think it might be something else. If I had to describe the song in one word, it would be that it's simply cool because the song is like the wind. It goes where it pleases and even when it gets into the frey of things, it does everything its way.


5) Battle! Champion/Champion Cynthia, Pokemon Dimond/Pearl/Platinum

Almost every pokemon champion battle theme gets my blood pumping, but this remix of Cynthia's battle enhances everything that makes those songs exciting. The increased tempo and the use of the instruments in the song emphasize that this battle tension from battling a high caliber opponent, while also highlighting Cynthia's elegance. Just hearing this theme brings me back to the first time I battled Cynthia and how tense I was feeling when I had to take down all her bulky pokemon. This theme represents what it means to take on a foe much greater than you and it's simply an awesome battle theme.


4) Donkey Kong Country Returns (vocals), Donkey Kong Country Returns

This song is like a party. It gathers all the kongs and has them sing to a great rendition of the main Donkey Kong Country theme. I can't tell you how many times I've blared this theme through my laptop's speakers cus it gets me into a smashing mood. Plus I the kong's chanting and the rock background music make for some great music to send your enemies flying into the night sky.


3) Ruins (Wario Land Shake It), Wario Land Shake It

I love Wario. I love his character design and I love his classic 2D side scrolling games. So when this song calls back to the best 2D Wario game and reminds me of why I like his games so much it makes me… well it makes me want to buy Wario Land Shake It again, but it makes me want to start dancing. I just love the jazzy style of this song and I just like the overall beat of the song. In other words this song makes me incredibly nostalgic.


2) Onett Theme/Winters Theme, EarthBound

This theme is takes one of the most iconic songs in Earthbound and makes it a thousand times more awesome, while also using one of the most peaceful themes to calm me down so it can knock my socks off again once the song start repeating. The changes made to Onett's theme are great because they really get you into a good mood. It's just so upbeat that you can't stop dancing once it start playing. Also, the use of winter's theme is amazing too because it cools you down after that frenetic dance session and gets you ready for more awesome.


1) Xenoblade Chronicles Melody, Xenoblade Chronicles

I can imagine the discussion that lead to the creation of this song something like this.


"Hey we're adding Shulk to the roster. What music should we include from his series?"

"We should include all the music from Xenoblade because the game has an amazing soundtrack."


"Hmmm, that's not really feasible because that would take up too much memory."

"Oh I know, we should take some of the best bits from some of the best songs in the game and mash them together."



Yah… basically this song is the culmination of best songs in Xenoblade and I really loved the entire Xenoblade soundtrack.


So that's my top 10 favorite songs in Smash 4. It barely scratches the surface on all the great songs in the game. I would like to talk about all the great sings in the game, but then this article would probably be ten times longer than it is now. In any case, what are some of your favorite songs in the game?

All music and images belong to Nintendo. I do not claim to own any of the songs and images in this article.


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