Trick or treat!? I have a bit of tradition that I go about every year on Halloween: I hook my favourite retro systems and marathon some of my favourite horror themed videos games.

Sadly this year due to professional reasons, I am the farthest man from home. But do you think that will stop me from spookingly stealing borrowing WIFI and write this arTAYcle up? Blow on those cartridges and let's get retro-spooky!

Super Castlevania IV (SNES)

Let's get the obvious ones first out of the bag. The one that remains my favourite Castlevania game of all time is still a joy to replay from start to finish. That beautiful soundtrack still haunts my dreams! Whip it away!


Castlevania Bloodlines (Megadrive)

But perhaps you prefer your Dracula hunting a bit all over the world, in that case the Megadrive outing is my recommendation. Not only can you play it in a classical way with whip wielding John Morris or play it in a whole different style with Lecarde and his spear. Another hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to go along with it.


Ghouls'n'Ghosts (Megadrive)

Perhaps running around in boxers is more your thing on Halloween. No judging here, I too spend many hours in boxer shorts attempting to subdue hundreds of Satan's minions. An incredible hard challenge to tackle, but one so beautifully well made you just can't help but to come back to aid Arthur in his quest. Fantastic job from SEGA reprogramming this from Capcom's arcade game.


Super Ghouls'n'Ghosts (Super Nintendo)

But Capcom was no slouch and when the SNES arrived, they showed to be on top of their game. An exclusive version showed up early in the system's life and for me it remains one of the very best games ever made. The hard challenge is till there, but Arthur comes better equipped this time around with different grade armours and new weapons. Same boxer shorts though. Yet another amazing soundtrack!


Splatterhouse (PC Engine)

Namco wanted a slice of the spooky pie and with their Jason Rick trilogy they got one. A very impressive conversion from their arcade game, the PC Engine handles things really well even if the original gore level is a bit toned down, but not by much. Such demented imagery set to such a beautiful soundtrack...


Splatterhouse 2 (Megadrive)

Rick's adventure continued onto the Megadrive in a game where true horror shows up when you begin to comprehend the difficulty of the challenge. They just don't make them like this any more... a true Megadrive classic worthy of anyone's collection that still plays rather well nowadays.


Splatterhouse 3 (Megadrive)

Time is the fire in which we burn... and time is exactly your worst enemy on the final trilogy chapter of Rick's nightmarish adventures. More often than not, you will get a bad ending on completion of this game because you just didn't make it fast enough and poor Jennifer gets the short end of the stick. One hell of a ride.


Zombies Ate My Neighbours (Super Nintendo / Megadrive)

Zombies, man... I hate zombies. Even more so when they ear my pretty cheerleader neighbours. If you get a friend ( or even better, girlfriend!) over on Halloween, this is the best game to choose. An hilarious homage to all the old horror flicks that imprinted in our young minds and one heck of a good time! I miss LucasArts...


Clock Tower (Super Nintendo)

Human's psychological survival horror point'n'click adventure is a masterpiece of the genre. Die and die often you will, but stick with it and reach one of its many possible endings and be amazed how much they got away with on SNES. This game was later re-released on Playstation and that version did make it to the west in glorious English, so it might be your best bet to play this.


Nosferatu (Super Nintendo)

Mixing up Prince of Persia and Castlevania got Seta a winning formula. Often overlooked and lacking a proper release in PAL territories, Nosferatu shines in it's atmosphere, presentation, puzzles and hand-to-hand combat. A truly enjoyable SNES experience once you get the hang of the controls.


Super Metroid (Super Nintendo)

Sometimes the most efficient horror is not the size of the monsters hunting you,but the sense of desolation. Super Metroid nailed this so very well that it might actually be possible no game will ever come close to the eerie sense of loneliness exploring an alien world. As the yeas pass, I find myself enjoying it even more. So dim the lights, hook up your SNES to the stereo and you got yourself a perfect retro gaming Halloween experience.


That's enough spookiness from me. Do you have some sort of Halloween gaming tradition? Did I miss any of the old classics? Terrify me on the comments bellow!

Play Loud, Play HARD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ