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The 3 Biggest Things Riot Games did to League of Legends This Month

Riot Games makes changes to their flagship free-to-play MOBA League of Legends constantly, from adding new playable champions to small stat adjustments. But recently, they’ve made 3 major additions/changes that have little to do with stats, and in my opinion have more to do with providing a better experience for its players.

1. The LoL Friends Mobile App

Taken from the LoL website, Please don’t sue me, Riot.

Riot has now made it incredibly easy to see who on your Friends List is online, and chat with them anytime with a new free app that links with your in-game account.

You can see who is online, in a game, or on the mobile app. You can even keep track of your messages from friends whether you started them in the game client or the app. It’s also an excellent way to coordinate groups for a game when you have no other way to contact them.

2. Hextech Crafting


One of the ways Riot separates your cash from your wallet is by offering new champions and skins for said champions for cash (though new champs can be purchased using in-game currency you get just for playing). Now they’ve thrown in a way to reward players without making them buy more stuff by giving it away for free, though you still have to earn it.

The new Hextech Crafting system allows players to earn Chests and Keys that contain loot that can be turned into permanent champions and skins on your account. These can be acquired just by playing the game, and these items can be converted into new items if you get something you already have. At last, a way to get new skins without having to spend $10 on one.


3. The Grind to Level 30

League of Legends has an account progression system, where you earn experience with each game you play until you reach Summoner Level 30. Until recently, reaching level 30 seemed to take forever, as XP earned from games barely put a dent in your level progression as you reached the higher levels. And with important mechanics such as summoner spell unlocks, mastery points, runes, and the ability to played in ranked mode tied to your Summoner Level, it was incredibly important to do so.


That grind has been relieved some in the latest patch, as Riot has reduced the amount of XP necessary to reach level 30 by half. Which means unlocking that high level content far faster.

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