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The 6th Grade Reacts: Why Do You Want the New Call of Duty?

As many of you know, aside from my main job as TAY admin/overlord, I have a second job as a full time 6th grade teacher. I'm the "cool" teacher (or so the students say), the one with a Mario made of post-its on his wall. The one who makes kids late to class because he's talking in depth with them about Pokemon.

Because of my strong connections to both the worlds of education and gaming I decided to ask some of the boys in my class, who constantly talk about FPS games, why they were excited for the new Call of Duty (due out this November). Keep in mind that all of these kids are 11 or 12. I'm not going to reveal their real names for obvious reasons.


Question: Why are you excited for Call of Duty: Ghosts?

"In this one you can swim underwater and then like swim to land and go up against people. Also, I think your dog can swim." - Student #1

"Because you get a dog and he can attack people. Though I heard it takes like 300 points to get him." - Student #2


"I heard you get a dog and you can throw dynamite. Plus there's new guns and stuff to get." - Student #3


"The last Call of Duty is boring now. I'm a prestige and I've gotten everything. I just want a new one so I can not be bored." - Student #4


So there you have it folks. Dogs, dynamite, new guns, swimming, and it's a new game! Interesting stuff.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A lot of people seem to think I'm a terrible person for asking kids about CoD, as it is a Mature rated game. Let me assure you that I do not encourage students to play Mature rated titles in anyway. Students from my class were having a heated discussion at recess about the new CoD, so I stepped in and asked them why they were so excited. I was simply curious. I assure you, I do not take time out of class to poll students about gaming.

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