I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

The ABCs Of Gaming

A is for Abilities, which can go up or down at any given time.

B is for Boss, be they regular or mini

C is for Characters, of which you will meet many and be many

D is for Dice, they will determine your destiny

E is for Endings, they sucked in the 80s

F is for Fire, the best element to have

G is for Goat. You can simulate one on Steam

H is for HP. You never have enough of it when you really need it.

I is for In App Purchase. The bane of the modern gamer

J is for Joystick. Not that one you perverts!

K is for Koopa. King of the turtles, bane of plumbers, and a dude who can’t take a hint about if a girl likes him or not.


L is for Link. Legend Of Zelda? I don’t think so.

M is for Mario. The real king of games.

N is for Nintendo. They own your childhood.

O is for Orc. Don’t feel bad about killing a lot of them

P is for Platformer. The only genre we had in the 80s.

Q is for Q-Bert. Game was weird as hell. I was glad he got a “Wreck it Ralph” cameo.


R is for Rental. Nothing worse than having to return a game you were SO close to beating in the days before saving was easy.

S is for Solid Snake. No one will buy the box routine in the real world however.

T is for Tactics. You don’t always need them, but they help

U is for Underwater. Everyone loves underwater levels right?....where did you guys go?


V is for Vita. It deserved better than it got from Sony.

W is for Wii. Much giggle commenced when Nintendo changed from the name “Revolution”.


X is for Xbox. Remember when people laughed at the idea of Microsoft making a game console?

Y is for YuGiOh. YOUR MOVE!

Z is for Zone. You’ll find these in the MMO of your choice?

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