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The Agency Group - Gaming's Criterion Collection (Rebooted)

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So, what’d I miss?

Three years ago today, I wrote that this series would be experiencing a “temporary delay”, and in my defense temporary only means “not permanent”. No particular reason for the large gap, just life managing to get in the way. If anyone in TAY still remembers the articles, I’m honored, and if you don’t or you’re new around these parts, here’s a brief reminder of what the articles were/are:

The Agency Group is my effort to create a Criterion Collection for gaming and detail which games would, in my view, make the hypothetical group’s first few cuts. The name itself comes from the more obscure definition of the word “agency” related to one’s capacity to make choices. That ability to choose and control your outcome is what sets video games apart from most other media, and felt like a perfect word to choose for the name of this collection.


As the series continues – last time I said “over the next few weeks”, so this time I’m making no such time commitment as my (self-imposed) daily release schedule was brutal – I’ll have intermittent posts detailing which games should qualify for such an honor, preserved for influential and unique titles across decades, platforms and genres. Here’s my original post on the subject, which explains the basic concept in much more detail.

The original, interrupted series covered ten of the first class’ 25 games in random order: Deus Ex, Ikaruga, Super Mario Bros., Wipeout XL, Starcraft, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Chrono Trigger, Sonic the Hedgehog, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Mirror’s Edge.


When I originally compiled this list, each release class contained 25 games, with the original classes limited to one game per series, to promote variety. Future articles will, more or less, pick up where the previous articles left off, with the remaining 15 games in that first class.

Eventually I’ll branch out and start covering different entries in already-honored series, but for now I still think it’ll be best to focus on as many series as possible. Also, since it has indeed been a while between posts, we’ve all had three more years to gain some insight on which titles should qualify and some newer titles may merit recognition.


For the record, I don’t actually have a game’s article ready to publish today; I just really liked the idea of coming back on the last article’s anniversary with something. I do remember exactly which game I planned on covering at the end of that “temporary delay” three years ago, and this one man jury is still out on whether I’ll return with that one or randomize the order again and start elsewhere. I will confirm, however, that my next post won’t be three years or even, hopefully, three weeks later. This series is still close to me, and I still want to do it right.

The Agency Group is coming back. Soon.

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