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Have you ever wondered why people play gatcha games in the first place and why they would stick around to play those games for multiple years? For me, I approach gatcha games like all other games, either I look for gameplay that I enjoy or the presentation of the game convinces me to try the game for more than a day. But, what keeps me coming back to gatcha games is the fact they consistently add new and potential exciting content to the game. For the uninitiated, when I say “gatcha game” I’m referring to games with loot box systems where you can pay with some form of current to get randomized prizes of varying rarities.


The constant potential for new and exciting content keeps me coming back each day to each gatcha game I play, while putting in the effort to get currency for the gatcha is more a means to an end for me to engage with new content when it’s released. Like the reason I’m enjoying a game like Fire Emblem Heroes so much right now is because it keeps adding new ways for me to destroy my enemies by adding new skills to the game and I love the various different challenges the games offer with its different modes and extra hard battles that give me good rewards.

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Plus, if the gatcha game is based on an established property, like Fire Emblem Heroes, it can take the time to show you different sides of characters in the established property. I absolutely loved it when FEH added Inigo to the game as a dancer because in his base game he wanted to be a dancer like his mother, but in his base game, he could never become a dancer. It was just so touching to see Inigo achieve what was impossible in his base game and it just got me wondering on what other sides of characters we could see if Intelligent Systems wanted to reinterpret some other their other characters… Or they could throw their characters in a swimsuit/bridal outfit and make all the money


By far my favorite part of gatcha games are the fact they always have the potential to collaborate with another property in interesting ways. In these collaboration events, characters or items from a different property are added into the gatcha game, which usually shakes up the gatcha game in fun ways. For example, when Nier: Automata collabed with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the Nier: Automata characters added new types of skills, based on their original game, that synergized with the skills from other units in FFBE. It was so fun seeing the Nier units bring pieces of their original game to FFBE while also taking the time to see how well these units worked with the FFBE units and using them to take down the toughest challenges in the game… if you managed to pull one of the Nier units from the gatcha in the first place.

To me gatcha games are kind of like Super Smash Bros 4. Both Smash 4 and gatcha games continuously added new content for a time, while also showing me interesting sides of the characters in their games. Like I never knew how fun it’d be to fight people in a koopa clown car unti Bowser Jr. was added to Smash 4. Finally, the collaboration between various different properties always excited me and kept me wondering what could these collaboration characters add to each base game and I think this sentiment is shared by many people due to the various top 10 New Smash Bros characters for Smash Switch videos there are on Youtube.

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