So, Miitomo. It’s been a topic for both Nintendo and smart phones for a few weeks now, but for some reason, the consensus has been quite negative. What’s all the hubbub, bub?

Well, for starters, it’s the simplicity of the application. “There’s not enough to do”, “It gets boring too quickly”, “It’s not up to Nintendo standard”, “This is what we get for trusting DeNA with Nintendo stuff”, “The micro-transactions are insanely expensive”, etc, etc. It’s an exhausting list of complaints that people bring up, and sure, some of those complaints are quite justified, but I’m here to defend this game that I’ve fallen in love with! And I’m here to tell you why!

It’s Hilarious

At Miitomo’s core, it’s absolutely silly. You are greeted with making your Mii (Or importing one, if you already had a Nintendo Account or NNID beforehand and decide to do so), and like Tomodachi Collection/Life, you are able to give your Mii a personality and a voice. But it’s the voice that will make you smile and laugh right off the bat, and it’s something that will catch you off guard every time you visit a friend and listen to their voice for the first time (SPOILER ALERT: No one’s Mii actually sounds like them!). Your met with a voice ranging from this:

On top of the voice, the look of your Mii and other friends’ Miis grow quickly into the ridiculous when you get bored with normal clothes and start wearing things you would never naturally wear. Take for example, me, the Speedo-clad sex-pot of a man creepily entering my friends’ places.


The tone of the game is simply fun, to put a smile on your face, and it doesn’t demand much of your time or effort. Miitomo is there to cheer you up, make you laugh, and just do something different with your social life besides complaining, showing off food porn, or talking about this awful 2016 election year (Ugh!).

The Languages!

I live in Tokyo, Japan, but I’m from America. I’ve got friends in both countries, as well as numerous others, but for the sake of this write up, we’ll just stick with Japan and America.


Miitomo provides easy and simple access to numerous languages that I can change on the fly, which for a Nintendo game, you all need to realize how big of a deal this is. If you buy a Nintendo game here in Japan, there is a 99% chance the language is only Japanese, and if you buy a Nintendo game in North America, there is a 99% chance there will be no Japanese. As a man who lives between both worlds, this frustrates me to no degree. I just hate that the option isn’t even there, and yet, here comes Miitomo, and I have access to not only English and Japanese, but German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and others (Even three different dialects of English!).

This has been such a welcome addition to a Nintendo game, and it’s been a joy to not only be able to switch between languages at my own free will, but to be able to communicate and message to all of my friends in both North America and Japan in English and Japanese is awesome! As a person living between both worlds and cultures, this is one of my biggest reasons for falling in love with this application. Not only all of that, but I have been able to study Japanese casually while playing Miitomo (Learning some interesting slang and fun expressions that I was unaware of). Nintendo, please keep this up! And while we’re at it, make sure the NX is region-free, aight?


Sending Silly Love Notes to My Wife

Okay. Cat’s out of the bag. Yes, I’m married. I have two kids. I am head-over-heels in love with my wife, and finding new ways to tell her I love her 10 years into our marriage is always (I repeat: ALWAYS) a welcome addition.


Even though we see each other every day and remind each other of our love for one another daily, I still love to do little things for her while I’m not at home. When on my break, I’ll keep speaking to her Mii until she asks me a question that I can say something fun. For example, one time her Mii asked me, “Just between the two of us, what do you think is my best quality?” Do you really think I was going to be mature? I said, “Your boobies”. I came home that day, and she was so red from blushing, because her friend saw it too. Her friend even asked, “How are you guys still so cute 10 years into your marriage?!” My wife just said, “Because he keeps thinking of new and silly things to make me smile.

Miitomo, thank you for adding to my repertoire.

Questions and Answers

I know many people don’t find this very attractive, but honestly, I absolutely love the questioning system in Miitomo. It asks the kind of questions you used to ask friends when you were younger, but forgot just how interesting those questions still are as adults. Questions like, “What’s something that made your heart race when you were little?”, “Looking back on your life, what do you feel you worked really hard on?”, “What’s something you’ve noticed becoming really popular recently?”, “What’s been getting on your nerves lately?”, etc.


It asked, “What would I like to stop doing?”, so I replied, “Pooping!” I don’t like pooping. haha

Not only are the questions fun to think about personally, but they’ve been a blast to read from my friends. I’ve learned so much about my friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned without Miitomo.

A friend of mine was talking about a crush she had, so I tried to guess with a mutual friend.


I even read a response from one of my wife’s good friends where she got the question, “What’s something you would like to forget about your past?” She simply replied, “My childhood.” I called her immediately upon reading that and asked what had happened when she was young, and we had an unbelievably deep and healing conversation. It helped me to better understand her as a person, and it helped me to better understand why my wife loves her so much and so willingly serves her when she needs help.

The funny thing about Miitomo is that although it is silly, it’s a playground for learning so much random stuff from the people you are friends with. If you allow it to be, Miitomo can be a better sources of knowing who your friends are moreso than Facebook and Twitter. If people are honest, it may be the best means of understanding people on the internet period.

Miifoto (Because, of course!)

Finally, we get to the most entertaining part of Miitomo, Miifoto.


Miifoto is, simply, the lazyman’s Photoshop. It’s easy-to-navigate, simple to use, and quite efficient. I can make a pretty decent Miifoto in a matter of seconds, and it really doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to make some pretty funny pictures.

On top of the fact that you receive new and funny backgrounds every day that you can use for Miifoto, Nintendo (NINTENDO, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!) is allowing you to import any (And I mean ANY) photo off the internet or from your phone and build your own silly Miifoto. You are able to import up to 5 Miis into the picture, add stamps, text (Even swear words!), and you can pose your Miis and change their facial expression in tons of ways.


Miifoto is just a fantastic addition to what is already a pretty fun-packed application. Being creative and trying to think of different ways to incorporate Miifotos into answers and comments is part of what makes Miitomo so enternaining and fun.

Miitomo may not be perfect and there are definitely some things that can be done to make the experience smoother, but I think Nintendo and DeNA hit it out of the park for their first attempt at a smart phone application. It works as an idea, and as long as Nintendo and DeNA keep it up, Miitomo can evolve into a truly awesome app. Remember, the Facebook of today wasn’t always that way. When it first started, it was lacking a lot of good options. If Miitomo can do the same and add to the already promising card, it can become a remarkable app!


Thank you for making it to the end! And as a southern boy living in Japan, I need to fill my blood with a little sugar.

I cut my hair right before this picture, so my Mii hasn’t gotten the same haircut.

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