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The Art of The Rose: An MS Paint Adventure

I wouldn't consider myself a rabid Homestuck fan. I binge-read the archives every so often, put it away for awhile, then binge-read some more every time I have a few hours off. But I've been reading for so long that I can look back at my old fanart versus what I've drawn recently, and I can feel really proud of myself as a result.

This one's from 2011. I didn't color it until now. Using the same color scheme I used on my later Homestuck fanart, for consistency's sake.


Here is where I first started playing around with the color palettes for each of the character's ancestors. I may tweak these a bit as I continue drawing. This one is from 2013.

I did this one just the other day. I wanted to finalize the color schemes, and show how my art has improved since I first started drawing this series.

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