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The Art of The Rose: The Path To Pathfinder, Part II

Those who have been following this column for the last few months (and for that, I thank you— keep being awesome) may remember Bernadine, my tabletop RPG character, who started off life as a Human Cleric, and was later switched to a Half-Elf Alchemist. Well, I've redesigned her, and I'd like to take you all through the steps I took to do so.

Step I: The Character Design


I went back to the references I had been using for Bernadine's original design, keeping her personality consistent, as that hadn't changed. She still dresses in a masculine style, with inspirations from pirates, steampunk, and mad scientists. I also looked for some of the official Alchemist design suggestions from the Pathfinder rulebooks. Bernadine needed plenty of places to hold materials for her potions, so in addition to the belt with pouches I had already given her, I added a chest bandolero of sorts for potions, as well as a special bag she had obtained at the end of one of her missions.

At Bernadine's feet lays Einstein, or "Einy", Bernadine's faithful Cooshee. A Cooshee, or "Elf Dog", is a large (usually around four feet tall) pointy-eared green dog with brown spots that usually accompany Elves and Half-Elves on their travels. He's named after Doc Brown's dog Einstein from Back To The Future, himself named after Albert Einstein. Of course.

Step II: The Color Scheme


Frequenting Kotaku, you've probably already seen tons of concept art from various games and movies, so I don't think I need to go into why I did three different test color schemes. I already had her skin and hair color down, but I'm still not 100% sure if the clothing color scheme I picked (which was the most popular one, on average, between my friends) is still the one I'm going with. However, the runner-up was popular enough that I might give her another clothing item in that color scheme later.

Step III: The Final (?) Product


I'm still not 100% done with this, but I'm pretty happy with how it looks so far. The clincher will be, I think, how it looks as a whole, and how Bernadine looks when together with Einy. I'll keep you all posted on how the whole thing pans out. Thanks for taking a look at my work!

As always, if you have any commentary or critique, you can leave it here or on my Tumblr.


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