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The Bad-at-Art Blues

There’s this neat post that I’ve been working on for the last several hours that I’m really excited about. It’s going to have illustrations—plenty of illustrations—for showing off concepts and everything! There’s only one problem: All of those hours have been spent ENTIRELY on putting together the illustrations.

I should have seen this coming from a mile away. At this point, there are enough article thumbnails to my name that may have already made it blatantly obvious...I am a terrible artist. Like, I literally just now realized that I forgot to give the poor dude in the thumbnail a neck!! Oh well, it’s too late, that’s just what he is now.


Just to make things worse, I am also a HUGE stickler who will micromanage the crap out of stuff. That’s an excellent tendency for my writer side to have. When you’ve got jumbles of words, shaving them down and reshaping them into their sharpest points is a worthwhile endeavor; I happen to be rather decent at it.

Give that same attitude to a scrub-tier artist in possession of illustration/picture editing programs with an Undo button, on the other hand? Well, you end up with way too much time spent on pictures that are just plain not very good.

Like this quote-unquote “bucket” that is going to feature prominently in the illustrations for the upcoming post. It took nearly ten minutes alone to slap this stupidity together in Microsoft Paint, wouldn’t you believe it.


Suuuuch a masterpiece. Though at least I could then copy-paste that single bucket into multiple buckets as needed! Just imagine how much longer it would’ve taken had I been trying to draw all of them individually. I shudder at thoughts such as that.

So yeah, giving myself the task of putting together an article that would need lots of made-from-scratch pictures in order to do the topic the most justice is basically peak genius. Go me!!!

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