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End of the year is approaching. Deadlines need to be met. Presents need to be get. Animals need to be pet. You get the idea—tension is super high right now, so you know what we need? An emergency BAO (Bitch Amongst Ourselves).

Yesterday, I was grocery shopping and pulled into a checkout aisle with only one lady using it who was about to finish up. You know what finding a good spot in line needs? Snapple. So I turned around to get Snapple out of the fridge they have before you check out, open the door, grab a Snapple, turn back around, and my cart is moving away. I look up and see that it's an employee of the store who has a hold of my cart, and I just kind of watch him wordlessly as he takes my cart and pulls it to an adjacent aisle. No hello, no "I have an empty register," no nothin'. The cashier who I was about twenty seconds away from starting to check out with laughed and very loudly said, "Wow," affirming for me that what I just saw really did happen. I looked at my potential cashier-buddy, gave him a confused shrug, and went to the next aisle with my cart, where the grabby cashier was already beginning to unload my things.

The entire check-out process was completely silent—neither of us sad a thing until he asked me for my club card, which I told him I didn't have, so he used his own. Signed my receipt, took my grocery bags off the carousel and into my cart with no assistance, since handsy-cashier has no interest in my groceries unless they're in a cart, apparently, and began to leave. I pulled the cart by the front, then felt the cart get caught on something, so I turned around and saw another employee holding the handle for my cart.

"You having a good day today?" he asked. I legitimately felt disturbed and told him yes, then gave my cart another tug, but he kept holding on. We had an incredibly awkward moment where we both stared at each other, because I thought he might have been trying to help me get to my car except he didn't move the cart, but the awkward and confused stares were broken up by the lady behind me telling him that I wasn't shopping with her. He let go of the cart without a word and I decided to leave as quickly as I could before anyone else commandeered my shopping cart.


What a mysterious and infuriating store.

That's my BAO for today, TAYers. Welcome to the BAYveyard Shift. Life getting you down? Annoyed about the Guilty Gear delay? Grades not shaping up as intended? Need to vent those frustrations? Then feel free to bitch amongst yourselves.

Been taking it easy lately? Maybe you don't need to BAO down to the nightly forum? Well then, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday BAYveyard Shift is now open!


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