It's easy enough to tear apart the games we hate. We can spend countless hours engaged in countless arguments over the things we just couldn't stand about those games whose mere existence annoys us.

But little do we discuss what improvements our favorite games could stand to have. Features we see prevalent in other games that could have been easily implemented into our personal favorites but weren't, and leave you scratching your head as to why.


With this in mind, I propose an improvement that could have elevated one of my personal favorite games.

  • Tomb Raider (2013 Reboot)

It's no secret that I loved the most recent adventure of Lara Croft above all other games last year. The gunplay was spectacular and smooth, the bow is a strong contender for the best bow in gaming, and the contextual stealth mechanics worked wonderfully, in my opinion. Traversing the environment was a blast ( the control you have over Ms. Croft midair is a detail that has gone under the radar in many reviews). And the constant upgrades and secrets kept me looking over every inch of an area I was in looking to upgrade my equipment.

Which is exactly the issue. I spent much of the game upgrading my awesome weaponry, only to beat the game and no longer have much use for them. Sure, you can go back to the island and grab the things you missed, but then it becomes collecting for the sake of collecting. Much like grinding away in a JRPG, this is an activity that will appeal to some, but isn't the least bit fun or engaging for me. Going through the story again is fun, but I of course am downgraded to the basic weapons and equipment again after all the time spent building my arsenal.

  • Feature- New Game +

A New Game + ( ala' the Batman: Arkhamverse games) mode would have helped greatly in this game. Further playthroughs have to be spaced further and further apart, but with this I could keep right on playing, restarting the story and experiencing the fantastic set pieces again all the while grabbing the secrets I missed along the way the first time.


What are some improvements and/or additions you'd like to see in some of your favorite games?

This has been in my drafts forever now, and was originally supposed to be more expansive. I apologize for my laziness. But it needed gone already. Enjoy.