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The Best of the Best: GBD's Top Xmas Gifts

Christmas is OVER. Today is the furthest day from the next Christmas... and that makes me sad. BUT! I can still revel in the glory of all my new gifts! So let's do that. Let's look at my favorite gifts from this year.

Disney Infinity Figures


I managed to unwrap three new figures, and I gave my wife two. So we have five new heroes and villains to play around with when we return home. No pictured are Ralph and Vanellope who my wife opened up before we headed to our parents places of living. I know CallistoEx also got Infinity, so soon we can fly around and in the magical world of Disney together. Huzzah!

Totoro Pillow

Though it was technically a gift for my wife from her sister, I still plan on claiming it as my official napping friend. It's artsy. It's Ghibli. It's soft. What else do you need?

Figma Link Action Figure


The coolest and most posable Link figure out there is finally mine for the posing. He's got different faces, hands, hair and attitude. Not to mention visible sword slashing action. Kuh-kow!

Special Edition Mario and Luigi Nintendo World Scarf


With Mario on one side and Luigi on the other this scarf is the best friend I never knew I needed. It is in fact a gift from one of my best fray frays on the TAY - Zarnyx! I'm forever in her debt. For those wondering, the red side says "Where the world plays" and white side simply says "Nintendo". I've never been so happy to be warm.


LEGO MiniFigure Year by Year Book


Did you know the first ever LEGO minifigure was a police man? I didn't. But now I do. This book is a great visual guide through the history and it kept making me say "Oh! those were the best sets! No wait. These. These were the best." and so on.

Honorable Mention

- Various LEGO sets

- Mario Wiimote Plus

- Waluigi Pin

I know people have already posted articles like this, but feel free to post your own best gifts in the comments... or make your own article!

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