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The Best Part of MGSV That You Might Have Missed

Kazuhira’s Burgers is a heartwrenching story of hardship, respect, and lots of preservatives.

Gif courtesy of Einsbern

As a result of Konami being Konami, there seems to have been a lot of content cut from the game, but some content was still incorporated into the game somehow. The best example of this is the audio files players collect throughout the main story of the game.


One such audio clip is called “Kazuhira’s Burgers”. I wont spoil the story because it is something that cannot be spoiled by giving ANY info beforehand. Somehow, voice actors Jay Tavare (Code Talker) and Robin Atkin Downes (Kazuhira) keep a straight face through the whole thing, and I can only imaging how many takes it must have taken before the whole clip was finished.

The greatest achievement of this audio file is that its 13 MINUTES LONG.

Video courtesy of youtuber TerakJK

Theres also some amazing fan art for it:


Art by Machinate


Art by kik0man

“Forget Pax Americana. Say hello to Pax Hamburgana!” IS THE GREATEST QUOTE IN VIDEO GAME HISTORY

If you guys find/make any more fanart for Kazuhira’s burgers, go ahead and put it in the comments!


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