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In honour of my Queen, Elizabeth II becoming the longest serving monarch in the history of the British Empire (as of 10:30 AM) I decided to honour her in a way that doesn’t only involve singing at the top of my lungs God Save the Queen but a list of some of the best Queens (and Princesses) in Gaming. My criteria is quite simple they must be directly in line for their throne (or have a strong claim to said throne) or already hold it at the time of their latest game. Also they must embody what I consider to be qualities of a good monarch, so we wont find any fictional Bloody Mary’s or Richard III’s here.


Princess Ashe (Final Fantasy XII): One of the great things about Ashe and really all the female characters in Final Fantasy XII is the fact she is her own woman. Despite easily being able to fall into the trap of other Final Fantasy protagonists of being little more then a love interest for the “main character” Ashe never does this instead she is resolute and strong determined to free her country from the evil that plagues her land. Fighting strongly on the front lines with her men. Had Ashe been real she’d have made a fine monarch for the British Isles (and continuing it’s grand tradition of Warrior Queens). Now if only they could do something about that mini-skirt it seems unpractical in battle and less then becoming of Royalty...

Princess Estellise (Tales of Vesperia): Although she starts out as your standard whiny and annoying sheltered noble Estelle as she prefers to be called eventually grows into a key member of the group. Furthermore much like Ashe before her despite ample opportunities to become a love interest of the protagonist (and even the object of a cliched love triangle) this never happens. Instead as the game progresses she comes to embody the idea of noble sacrifice that is often a core trait of a great monarch. Quickly learning her very existence is dooming the world; Estelle decides she must let herself pass for the good of her people. Estelle may never be a great warrior (nobody beats her godly level healing though) but she has what it takes to be a great Queen.


Sarah Kerrigan - Queen of Blades (Star Craft): If there is any great Queen to include on this list is Sarah Kerrigan the undisputed Queen Bitch of the Universe (her words). The leader of the Zerg, the greatest force to ever threaten the universe Kerrigan is the universes last great hope of survival against the Dark Voice and it’s hybrid army. Even before infestation Kerrigan was considered one of the strongest telepaths ever encountered by the Terran dominion and became an elite Assassin. Following Infestation Kerrigan not only gained the dominating power of the Zerg but unlocked her full psychic potential allowing her to rival Tassadar the most powerful and famed Protoss (a psionic race) of the time.

Furthermore like one of the great Queens of history in Elizabeth the Great Kerrigan forgoes love for the greater good. In an act of supreme sacrifice the Queen of Blades relinquishes her restored humanity to once again lead the forces of the Zerg for the betterment of all sentient life.


Saber/King Arthur (Type Moon Series): Okay I’m cheating a little here as she technically rules as a King but being the only actual English monarch that fits my criteria I’ll bend the rules for this one. Ruling as King of Knights Saber is the most powerful all around normally summoned Servant in the entire series really only surpassed in total ability by Gilgamesh King of Kings. However Sabers true power is not found in her sword (which is formidable) it’s found in her heart where she is a loyal servant to whomever summons her even if the person is less then deserving of said loyalty. In the end once again Saber is an ideal monarch for her eternal loyalty to her people and the willingness to put it all one the line for her people and master.

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