I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Yes! I forgot about this, and now I am bringing it back for a third time... HUZZA! The community calendar or a Re-Redux TAYlendar if you will. Stronger, Faster, Lazier, Better!



Welp, to recycle what I wrote back in June last year...

Aside from the big event such as E3. There are other events (TAY events count!), such as anime/gaming/fantasy conventions, major gaming tournaments, gaming music orchestra tours, others (charity work count!) related events also take place, and we might miss one such awesome event! It may have been just a state over or right under your nose. So why not share some of that local fun? =D


Or just knowing when 'FREE doughnut day' is just fine... >.>

But the core idea is, "HEY! There is a tournament/convention just one state over or just around the corner LITERALLY!" And "I wonder if any one around these parts knows more about it?"


Or would like to set up a TAY meet up! :D

And let us know how it went. ;)

But how does is this even work[now]?

Well, why don't we have a look?

The RE-REDUX TAYlendar!

As you will see there are 4 events; A convention, birthday (Aikage), Game release, and a Free Food Day already added. All with their own space :)


Simple right? Let's keep that way.

There are two ways to go about it.

  1. On every update (to be determined >_>;) you could leave a comment of a convention or event coming up with info, and I will add it.
  2. Or you might as well add it, since it is an open file, and this is preferred way for it to work. Because community!

So lets fill that sucka up!

Look at all the fun you peeps had last year!

So 2013 is long gone, but 2014 is not over yet! Still lots of places to go, cosplays to see, fun to be had, and stories to tell! So hopefully the community calendar will keep up ^^;

Edit: Just bumping it up.

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