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The Canceled Alien RPG by Obsidian?

I go on the Twitter today, and after I traverse passed the politics, people pissed off about politics existing, football (soccer to some of you), and people pissed off about football existing, I see a tweet by Obsidian Entertainment. Josh Sawyer sat down with IGN for interview and talked about… A canceled aliens RPG?

Unfortunately it was not a written interview, it was available as video or audio, but it was over 90 minutes long. A wise woman once said: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” She had bronchitis for god’s sake. But I really don’t have time for all that these days. So I did a search and stumble upon a very well made short documentary on the game that explained everything. The game was to be called ‘Aliens: Crucible’ and was pretty ambitious.

The game took an interesting take that made me think: why hasn’t anybody done anything like this before or since? At least Obsidian could have recycled the idea for a different game not based on Aliens.


The game looks like it was gonna be a dark, horror, survival, semi-linear, semi-open, third person, squad shooter, RPG. The more linear based approach is what intrigued me the most. These days, if an RPG isn’t open world, it’s shunned for whatever reason. I don’t think that there should be an open world vs linear debate. Both carry strengths and possibilities that the other can’t.

Especially if you can add some randomized or rogue-like elements to it, linear games can be highly replayable. With this game being an RPG, with an emphasis on character creation, putting different points into different skills can completely change how the game plays out a second, third, or tenth time.

Some time ago I had this idea for a Fallout spin-off game. The approach that Obsidian took with Aliens: Crucible might be perfect for it. It takes place within the largest vault that vault-tec ever built. The objective of the main quest would be to escape the vault. But I had this whole idea of the player being able to find clues to determine what the outside of this particular vault is like. At the end, after surviving the vault, depending on choices you made through, you’re given a set of final decisions that you can make.

Do you kill everyone in the vault, including yourself, out of fear that what’s inside can get out? You may or may not have released a virus. Do you kill everyone and leave? Did you find a way to not release the virus and leave with the survivors? Were you convinced the outside is too dangerous, side with the Overseer, and lock the doors down? Have your experiences through the vault broken you and you take over as the new Overseer? Was there ever an Overseer to begin with? Can a medical mister handy convince you that you’ve actually gone completely insane?


The possibilities are endless and you don’t have to worry too much about players in an open world going to places they shouldn’t be going to yet. There’s no way to know how Aliens: Crucible would have turned out, and that’s a shame. I hope that in the future, someone can take this concept and adapt it into something.

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