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A weird ass creepy doll for a whole new generation

Chucky is an iconic horror villain. I’ve seen every movie in the Child’s Play series and while I wouldn’t say any of them are good (some of them are barely watchable garbage) they are generally ridiculous and entertaining. I’m happy to say that the new reboot falls into the series nicely. With a totally new origin story where Chucky is a VERY OBVIOUS dig at Amazon and Alexa there is hilarious over the top creepy doll action throughout the movie.

I did miss the original Chucky aesthetic, especially with its weird mouth and brow movements, but over the course of the movie the new Chucky grew on me as I got used to it. There’s a lot of purposeful jokes towards the beginning which actually land fairly well and are worth a chuckle, but once the violence kicks up the laughs are largely from ridiculous doll violence and threats. The movie probably could have been even more over the top, but because Chucky is an AI program instead of a voodoo trapped soul, there just isn’t a lot of room for personality aside from the generic and ominous “but I am programmed to make you happy, Andy...” which dominates the entire plot.


The kid actors were fun as was Brian Tyree Henry and Carlease Burke (his mother in the movie) but Aubrey Plaza always felt out of place. She looks barely 10 years older than her son in the film and is just hard to believe as a mother. I watched Dark Phoenix right before Child’s Play and it had very similar confusingly cast age issues (I still can’t tell if Raven and Professor X are supposed to be the same age or older than their students) which I thought was a funny coincidence.

Child’s Play is a solid reboot of an iconic but mediocre horror series. The fear of dolls coming to life, especially in an internet world, was captured nicely. I definitely felt even less inclined than I already am to ever want my entire life operating through some sort of digital AI cloud after finishing the movie. I hope they continue the rebooted series and make increasingly ridiculous sequels...but unfortunately I think another Chucky sex scene is out of the question since AI don’t have sex. At least...not yet...

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