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The Clusterf*** that is Gamergate: An outsiders perspective.

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I was trying to find a clever #Gamergate related image to use for this post, but I stumbled upon this one, and I liked the simplicity of it. THIS is what gaming is about. People playing games together! Genders be damned. We all love gaming!

A Lost Cause - Yesterday was the first time I had ever heard the term "Gamergate". I was aware of some of the stories attached to the hashtag, but had no idea it was some big conspiracy, or scandal as has been suggested.

So after taking the time to dig in, and research a bit on it, I have come to the conclusion that the lot of you involved in this thing have lost your damn minds... Ok, that's a little harsh. Maybe I should say that you can't have a successful movement for change, if you have like five different groups using the same "title", who all have conflicting interests, and definitions for the movement.

Let me preface this by stating, I appreciate the passion on display here. I do like to see my fellow gaming fans pleading for journalistic integrity. It's a noble cause... However, it's ultimately a lost cause.

Journalism vs. Journalism - I understand wanting to have a sense of trust with the people you read articles from, but the sad truth is, all journalism is built on lies and half-truths. It's called spinning a story for a reason. Also there's a massive difference between writing for a rag like Entertainment Weekly and writing for a reputable publication such as Time Magazine. The idea of journalistic integrity within the entertainment field, is ridiculous. Do any of you read other publications, or websites dedicated to other forms of entertainment media? I've heard the argument that studios who pay for advertising shouldn't have their games reviewed by the same publication they are paying to promote their work. That journalists shouldn't have friendships, or more intimate relations with developers.

Well guess what, that's just how entertainment journalism is. I'm sure you've never picked up a copy of Entertainment Weekly and saw a review for a movie that had an ad posted a few pages before or after said review? I mean that would be totally unethical right? And surely there aren't any people involved in the music or movie press, that have dated artists or actors/directors? Right?! It's called networking, and sometimes networking leads to more complicated relations.

I'll tell you what, you want an honest opinion on a game? Read user reviews. They are the most honest form of gaming journalism you will find. They are simply people like you and I, who are taking a few minutes out of their day to share with others like them. They have no agenda, they have no kickbacks, and they definitely aren't getting any sex out of it. Sure some of them are extremely biased, but it only takes a cursory glance at any review to get the tone, and know whether or not it's someone worth listening to.

I honestly think a lot of this backlash is coming from really young people, who don't quite understand the difference between a Journalist and a Blogger.

Harassment & Misogyny - The real issue that we should ALL be focusing on here, is the completely immature sub-section of our culture who think it is in some way ok, or god forbid... noble to instill absolute terror and fear into people they don't agree with. This goes for male and female writers/devs. I don't care what you think of someone else's opinion, they are entitled to it, and you have no right to threaten to murder them, or harm their family. VIDEO GAMES people! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and whoever else is on today's hit list, aren't threatening your way of life. They aren't trying to force you to live in a totalitarian state. They are expressing their opinions on things that bother them. And rightfully so. The very fact that a video like Tropes vs. Women could cause someone to issue death threats, shows how badly our culture is rampant with misogyny, and that is just fucking lame.

Epilogue - Before I close this semi-rant, I'd like to state that I realize the majority of you reading this ARE NOT those insane, mouth breathing children that are giving us all such a bad name. But even so, I've seen plenty of intelligent, well written arguments FOR Gamergate, and this post is addressed more towards you guys. Peace and love all... let's just enjoy our games.

For a slightly longer, and a little harsher take:

Overall I entirely agree with this dude.

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