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The Community Calendar blip!

Good afternoon, welcome to this little blip of an update for the community calendar or TAYlendar. What the is the TAYlendar? It an open document that any one can edit, and any one can add events.


What events? Conventions, Anime Expo, Game Expos, whatever is hinting your way! Either be local, state, national or even global. Also games, because games.

Okay so we say goodbye to August, and summer with all the fun memories......and it gone. So DragonCon once again came, and so did some (Astro rounded up some pics yo) awsome customes!

So what coming up this week of September?

We have Nan Desu Kan on Denver, Colorado on Friday the 13th. So have fun for those attending, and hope to hear of you brave exploits! =)


Well here is the Community TAYlendar, so add events to your hearts delight, as its an open doc. =)

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