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The Cool and Sexy PyramidHeadcrab Gives Away More Steam Codes!

Same rules as last time. I'll define an objective (in most cases, find a picture of something) and the first one to complete it gets a free Steam code - on me! Be sure to include either your e-mail or your Steam name (if you want me to add you) in your response, so that I can send you the code. I'm not posting codes raw, since we both know some loser in India or Texas or someplace will take them without a single "thank you".

But anyway.

[Taken] Fractal - [Reply with a screenshot of CATS from Zero Wing].
[Taken] Organ Trail: Director's Cut - [Draw a Servbot on MS Paint using only the Fill, Rectangle and Circle tools, then post it here].
Frozen Synapse - [This one goes for $25, so I'll accept a fanfiction about a romantic interlude between Naruto and Fluttershy posted to your Facebook, with the screencap (appropriately blurred) posted here after receiving at least one like from someone other than yourself].
Broken Sword: Director's Cut - [Reply with a cool fanart of your favourite Pokemon!].
NightSky - [Reply with an image of a Brent Gretzky hockey card].
[Taken] McPixel - [Reply with an image of Sonic 3 on top of Sonic & Knuckles inserted into a Genesis].
Waking Mars - [Reply with a fan art image of Teisel Bonne doing something awesome].


Awesomenauts - [Submit a picture of a canned food in your home, with "Novibear" written in Sharpie on the label].
English Country Tune - [Reply with an image of EB Games/Funcoland/Babbage's, back when it carried SNES games].

Happy hunting!


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