I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Covid-19 Diaries 03/17/2020

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Due to the incompetence of my new backdoor government (Perikatan Nasional or as I call it, Payroll Narcissism) of requesting advice from a religious institution and the royalty for Covid-19 health measures...there is now a new outbreak, thanks to a religious mass gathering of 16,000 which was given permission by the brain-dead government. Therefore my entire country (Malaysia) is now on lockdown and we’re all now buying as if we have apocalypse bunkers.


Oh wait, the royalty banned the words ‘backdoor government’, but in this virus pandemic I just don’t care anymore. Or could be my new headache preventing me from caring about the hurt feelings of royalties living luxurious lives off our taxpayer’s money. Oh well, I could always use ‘backside government’. Endless amount of ways to describe a non-elected government.

So how are you all? Surviving? Striving? Did you make any extra efforts to stock up your fridge, pantry, toiletries and cleaning products? My older sister came into town, driving from another state that took 3 hours. She knows our area would rarely have people...and she was right. The malls have become empty but my family could stock up on most food. Except that dark chocolates were strangely missing...


As for games, I’m joining in the 5th Anniversary for Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Wow, it’s 5 years old! How many mobile games last that long without pestering you to pay like you’re a guilty debtor? Hopefully, I can at least get 2 useful Awakening relics...

What’s your choice on Covid-19 lockdown games? Cute games? Or maybe you chose the macabre like...*gasp* Silent Hill 4?

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