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The Covid-19 Diaries 03/19/2020

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How’s everyone doing? Hopefully, you’re all still healthy and snug in your homes.


Me, I’m realizing the Malaysian lockdown wasn’t effective as people are still going to street markets, jogging around, attending prayers and generally not giving a shit to people who have compromised autoimmune systems or overwhelming the hospitals.


It was already bad enough with the vague directions from the new backside government (Perikatan Nasional) as they keep changing the Covid-19 directive every few hours or canceling the instructions:

  • Allowed small weddings, but that quickly became a u-turn...
  • The police required forms for interstate travel but they were soon overwhelmed...
  • Students in hostels need to return home...disastrous results as the public services were filled with students. And possibly carrying the virus back to their home towns.
  • Police would be arresting anyone who isn’t following the Movement Control Order but currently, no one was arrested for their leisure or mass religious activities.

The directive feels like a middle schooler thought it up...unclear and unable to consider logistics. I really should not expect anything more from a cheating government that denied the people’s votes.

Speaking of mass religious activity, remember the 16,000 people who attended the tabligh?


The new government is still trying to trace every one of those people because many did not bother to check in the hospitals. It took an entire week to get 10,553 people while the rest are still missing despite being on the news about their possible condition. These idiots are still running free to endanger everyone...

Did I mention that 1500 of them are foreigners who were in the country just for the tabligh? And it turns out that a few of them previously attended Pakistan’s tabligh of 250,000 people, just days before...


1 of the idiots who attended the aforementioned tabligh said, “We are a bit disappointed that this outbreak has been blamed entirely on us. That view is unfair.” and “Now I am concerned because I am positive. Please pray for me.”

I keep watching posts on social media of idiots asserting that it is ‘their right’ to keep attending prayers. In fact, 1 of the posts brazenly said, “Instead of closing down the mosques, medical professionals should attend to us outside the mosques”.


...This lockdown isn’t going to be ‘just 2 weeks’.

Otherwise, some Malaysians don’t realize that connecting Covid-19 to ‘Chinese’ is actually catalyzing the hatred on Asians around the globe. Including endangering the life of this Malaysian baby left untreated in a UK hospital. Even a Bnei Menashe (from India) was attacked in Israel...despite being distinctly darker (due to genome history of East/Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern).


It’s really tiring calling out racism when they don’t understand the consequences or have zero empathy for others...when they too are also Asians. The world is turning worse by the hour...

Lastly, I found out what the new Prime Minister(Muhyiddin) had done by delaying the Covid-19 meetings...it’s the same wasteful activity as Trump’s, by playing golf.


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It’s Part 2! Here’s Part 1 if you feel interested in knowing more,

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