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I'm really feeling it!
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The Covid-19 Diaries 03/26/2020

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And exactly as everyone predicted, Malaysia’s lockdown has confirmed to be extended until April 14th, because too many people are brainless zombies. Especially when they escaped from hospitals...


The backside government is finally taking the hard approach(after more than a week and a half) by arresting ‘anyone’ not complying with the MCO (Movement Control Order). However, ‘anyone’ seems to be subjected to minorities, immigrants and the poor as some people are still hearing mosques being opened for prayers in their neighborhoods. There are still no reports of these rich organizers being arrested.

Strangely, 1 of them is actually a policeman who was previously charged for holding onto robbery tools but only fined for 250 ringgit(57 USD - cheap change)...And then defied the MCO by traveling into several red zones. Even a policeman can be shown too much mercy before he becomes arrogant especially in a pandemic crisis.


In the same time frame, another man was quickly arrested for criticizing the MCO implementation while filming a goat’s head feast...He should be arrested for feasting with other people but apparently they forgot that, to protect their ‘image’.

Image > Lives. Everything is topsy turvy...

It is only by criticism from the citizens that governments would be able to evaluate and get better at their jobs.


One such valid criticization of the MCO, it’s unclear and often changing instructions. Like essential workers are supposed to have paperwork from their employers. But this was never publicized anywhere...leading to the police deterring vital workers and wasting precious time.

Another criticism, many of our factories who wish to help the front liners are now forced to stop by the new government’s inactions as the factories seek official approval to continue operations, over and over again for weeks. Even essential factories like glove makers are being put on hold. And somehow, it includes the food production and packing factories...*screams about impending apocalypse*


If this continues, many people will feel justified to hoard more items. The coup government has only shown its logistics to be extremely short-sighted...with a 5 millimeter range(almost 1/4 inch).

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...It’s part 5. Wow, I manage to write 5 posts within 2 weeks. New record!

Oh and here’s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4...if you feel like reading.

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